Technical data

UCI Category: C1
Date: 4th May

Situation: Barcelona
Track: 4,5 Km

The test will be valid for the UCI ranking, therefore it will offer the opportunity to enjoy of the participation of great MTB specialists of our country. This event is the epitome of MTB for the public, holding a top level mountain biking competition in one of the most genuine spaces of the city of Barcelona.

Track Barcelona


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Saturday, May 4th
08:30 Registration/Pick up the number (until 30 minutes before each start)
10:00 1ª Start: Cadets (M/W), Junior (W), Master 30/40 (W) & Master 50/60 (M)
12:00 2ª Start: Master 30 (M) & Master 40 (M)
14:00 Awards ceremony 1
16:00 3ª Start: Elite (F), Under-23 (F) & Junior (M)
18:00 4ª Start: Elite (M) & Under-23 (M)
19:45 Awards ceremony 2