The Super Cup Massi and the Copa Catalana Internacional Biking Point will be decided in Vallnord

The final event of the Super Cup Massi 2018 takes place on 1 September

In the wake of the World Cup and the Masters World Championships, Vallnord already has its sights set on the next great mountain biking event. On the weekend of 1 and 2 September, Andorra’s most famous mountain biking destination will be in the spotlight once again with XCO races on the Saturday and DH on the Sunday. Hundreds of riders will convene on the improved XCO circuit to cap off an exciting and intense cross country season. It will be a dual celebration given that it is the last scoring event for both the Super Cup Massi and the Copa Catalana Internacional Biking Point.

The Super Cup Massi has been an all round success in terms of participation and, above all, the quality of its participants this year. Thanks to such prestigious stars as Victor Koretzky, Sam Gaze, Pauline Ferrand Prevot and Emily Batty, to name just a few, it has become a leading competition in international XCO. Ocisport has chosen the four best races from the eight that make up the famous Copa Catalana Internacional Biking Point to create this super championship, in which all the races are UCI C1 or HC category. And as if the appeal of UCI points were not enough, the way the races have been programmed has served to attract the best riders. An additional benefit of the Super Cup Massi are its circuits, all in line with current XCO: tough, explosive, crowd-pleasing and carefully created by the organisation. It is the perfect stage for the best riders on the planet to show off their talent and for the hundreds of amateur riders who give these championships meaning to experience what it is to compete on a top-tier track.

Vallnord will be the meeting point for it all. UCI C1 category, a World Cup circuit, world class riders and the perfect timing for putting yourself to the test, just before the World XCO Championship. What more can you ask for.

Strong leaders but much scope in the Super Cup Massi

Both championships will come to a close in Vallnord. In the Super Cup Massi, the Frenchman Victor Koretzky (KMC EKOÏ SR Suntour) is setting the standard thanks to his victories in Banyoles and Barcelona. His forced absence at Sea Otter Europe - Girona (due to an obligatory call-up to the French national XCO team) left the door open for a potential new winner. Having said that, after several races somewhat below his usual level, Koretzky was recently just a few metres away from winning the French XCO Championship –  proof that he is back on form. He certainly won’t make it easy for his rivals.

The Australian Daniel McConnell (Primaflor-Mondraker-Rotor) is his main contender. With two second place finishes in Barcelona and at Sea Otter Europe – Girona he is close to leading the championship. Behind him is the revelation, or perhaps the confirmation, of the year, Jofre Cullell (Megamo), who has quickly made a name for himself in the Sub-23 category, his consistency placing him third in the overall competition. If it weren’t for a fractured collarbone stopping him from competing in Banyoles, he would most likely be the championship’s current  leader. His teammate, the Argentine Catriel Soto, is also placed well to battle it out for the overall leadership. In fact, even Carlos Coloma (Primaflor-Mondraker-Rotor), Sergio Mantecón (Trek Factory Racing) and Sam Gaze (Specialized) are still in the running theoretically, albeit with less of a chance.

For the women, Claudia Galicia (Megamo) is the rider setting the standard, doing so ahead of Bec McConnell (Primaflor-Mondraker-Rotor). However, the Australian rider is not having the best moment of her season due to a dip in form, which has caused her to pull out of the races temporarily until she has recovered physically. The question is, will she be ready in time for Vallnord?

Just like in the men’s category, third place in the women’s was taken by a promising young star, in this case Magda Duran (Biking Point) in the Sub-23 category, who could end up thwarting Galicia’s possible title.

A clearer situation in the Copa Catalana Internacional Biking Point

Clearer is the overall picture in the Copa Catalana Internacional Biking Point. Ever Alejandro Gómez (Olympia Factory Cycling) leads the competition with the Vallnord event yet to be disputed, which, it should be noted, counts toward 50% more points as it is part of the Super Cup Massi. Oliver Avilés (Ravet Bike) is his main contender along with the Argentine Dario Gasco (Coluer-Ixcor).

Someone that can already celebrate is Magda Duran (Biking Point) who reaches the final event with the title in the bag. Also in the Sub-23 category, Sara Gay (Biking Point) follows in her wake, with Noemi Moreno (Pallares-Ixcor) in third place overall as the first women’s Elite.

Registration for the grand finale in Vallnord is now open on TicketOci.

The Super Cup Massi and the Copa Catalana Internacional Biking Point will be decided in Vallnord